Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boomerang?

You get food, wine or even air conditioners delivered to your doorstep. So why waste weekend days bothering with laundry, dragging piles of dirty stuff down four flights of stairs to the dry cleaner down the street?  And why are they always closed when you’re free and open when you’re at work?


Boomerang is an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning delivery service based in New York City. We believe cleaning your clothes should be a seamless, easy, and even enjoyable experience. Once you download our app, simply follow the setup instructions and request your first pickup. We will let you know when your clothes are clean so that you can have them dropped off at your convenience.



What is “dry” cleaning?

“Dry” cleaning means cleaning in the absence of moisture (i.e., water).  This does not mean your clothes are cleaned without ever getting wet (dry cleaners aren’t magicians).  The garments are washed in machines with liquids that cleanse clothes without water.  Whether your dry cleaner knows which cleaning products to use is another matter…


Who does our dry cleaning?

We have one partner with whom we work.  They have been heavily vetted and our team maintains a presence in the plant to ensure we have control over all our customers’ garments.


Do we offer green/eco-friendly cleaning?

ALL of Boomerang’s dry cleaning is completely green and eco-friendly.


What detergents are available for Wash & Fold?

Everyone has different memories of how their clothes got cleaned when they were growing up.  We can’t promise to recreate all those childhood memories (maybe some of you grew up on farms in Tanzania or something).  We offer scented TIDE™, unscented and organic detergents.  We even throw in a little fabric softener if you want it.


What neighborhoods do you operate in?

Download our app and enter your zip code to find out if we serve your area. If we don’t, we add your name to the wait list when you sign up. No matter where you live, we are expanding rapidly and hope to serve your area soon!



How do I get my laundry and dry cleaning picked up?

Once you have downloaded our app, simply enter your name, address, payment information, and cleaning preferences (Fabric softener? Done. Scented detergent? No problem.). Then, press the “request a pickup” button. We’ll be at your door within 1 hour.


How should I give you my clothes for pick-up?

Before we arrive, separate your items into 1) laundry for wash-and-fold and 2) dry cleaning. Please keep any item that requires special handling in a separate bag.


We provide our customizers with two durable, re-usable, and eco-friendly bags. On your first pickup, we will give you one bag for your wash-and-fold laundry and one hanging bag for your dry cleaning.


How do I get my clothing dropped off?

You will receive a push notification from us when your items are clean and ready for drop off. Press the “Request Drop-off” button within the app, and someone from the Boomerang Bike Team will be at your door within 1 hour.  Note:  If you have push notifications disabled in your phone settings, then you can find your clothes’ status directly within the app.


How quickly will my clothes be finished?

Your laundry and dry cleaning will be ready for drop-off within 2-3 days.


Can I place a rush order on laundry or dry cleaning?

We’ll try our best. Please email us in advance and let us know what special turnaround time you need so we can verify that it is possible to meet your expectations.


How do I make a payment?

Once you input your credit card details into the app, we will keep your card on file. We will automatically charge your card once you receive your clean items.


What if I have a doorman?

If you have a doorman, please specify this in your preferences. You can drop off your laundry and dry cleaning with your doorman on your way out the door, and we will pick it up from and drop it off with him/her directly.


Soon, you will be able to specify if we should go straight to your doorman, or directly to your door.


How does Boomerang keep my clothes safe and make sure all of my items are accounted for?

Our inspection team logs and accounts for every single item that you hand to us. Then, we e-mail you an itemized receipt. If you ever see something that doesn’t look right, please contact us immediately.


How do we ensure your 1 hour pickup and delivery time?

We built custom Boomerang tricycles with weather-proof, locked compartments to carry your items. Because we are located nearby your apartment and can avoid the perils of New York City traffic, we will be at your door with time to spare.


Curious about our tricycles? Check out Boomerang’s Instagram feed to follow their daily adventures.


Am I paying a premium for this service?

No. Our prices have been carefully checked against the prices that you see at your local dry cleaner. We clearly display our pricing both within the app and on our homepage. You are getting more value, better service, and often better prices for your money by using Boomerang.


Is there a minimum order size to use Boomerang?

Yes, our minimum order is $25. For any order less than $25, we have a $4.99 surcharge.  We hope you understand we can’t offer speedy delivery to/from your apartment to clean just a shirt or two.


Will you hand-wash and hang-dry specific items?

Yes. When we pick up your clothes, let us know which items you would like hand-washed and/or hang-dried. Please separate these special care items so we make sure that those items get the special care that you want.


Do you have a tailoring service?

We can perform minor alterations/repairs on your clothing; for example, basic hemming, button sewing, and other minor repairs. We plan to build out this service in the future.


What if I encounter a problem or have a question?

The easiest way to contact us is via e-mail:

You can also call us at 646-476-2525.  We will respond promptly to your question or request.

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